Whispercast Frequently Asked Questions

About Whispercast

What is Whispercast?

Whispercast is a free online tool that helps organizations manage its Kindles and procure and distribute Kindle content and documents. We heard from our customers that managing a fleet of Kindles was time consuming and manual. We built Whispercast to make this process easier. Organizations can now:

  • Centrally manage their Kindles from anywhere in the world
  • Procure and distribute content to their users, including: Kindle books, documents, and Kindle Fire apps
  • Send documents and Kindle books to any device with the free Kindle app
  • Apply device settings to all their Kindles at once, including Wi-Fi network and proxy settings, password requirements, and device restrictions

How do I get started?

Learn more about the all-new Kindle Family to start taking advantage of the benefits of Kindle in your organization. Visit Kindle: Business and Education Sales to get a quote. Our dedicated sales staff will call you back during our normal operating hours from 6 AM to 6 PM Pacific Time.

If you already have Kindles or other devices, you can sign up for free for Whispercast now to set up your devices and add your users.

How much does Whispercast cost?

Whispercast is free to use.

Managing Your Kindles

How does Whispercast handle user accounts?

You will need to sign in with the Amazon.com account you intend to use to purchase Kindle content to sign up for Whispercast. This account will be the “Whispercast Administrator” and is the only account that will purchase Kindle content for your devices.

Once you are a Whispercast Administrator, you can register your Kindles using Whispercast. Whispercast can create a new Amazon.com account for each of your users, also known as your “managed users”. In other words, each of your Kindles and other devices with the Kindle app will have its own unique Amazon.com account so they can have their own personalized bookmarks, annotations, and can always pick up reading where they left off.

What Kindle device settings can I configure using Whispercast?

Whispercast enables your organization to push device settings to all of its Kindles at once, including the ability to:

  • Configure wireless network settings, including proxy settings
  • Require a password on the device (including password length)
  • Block Facebook and Twitter integration
  • Block the web browser
  • Block the Kindle Store
  • Block factory reset and device deregistration
  • Block changes to the Wi-Fi network setting

Please note that configuring device settings are not available for the first generation of Kindle Fire.

I already registered my Kindles, can I use Whispercast?

Yes. Please e-mail whispercast-support@amazon.com or call (800) 369-5661 and we can help. You will just need to provide the name, email and serial number of the Kindle(s) you would like to add to your Whispercast account.

Can I send wireless network settings to my users’ personal Kindles?

Coming soon - Your organization will be able to invite their members (e.g. students, employees, customers) via e-mail to receive network wireless settings on their personal Kindle so they can seamlessly connect to your network. This is also commonly known as a “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) model.

Distributing Kindle Content

How can I distribute Kindle content using Whispercast?

In order to distribute Kindle content to your users, you must purchase it through Whispercast. After you’ve added the Kindle books or Kindle Fire apps to your cart, you will be able to select groups of users you wish to receive this content. Similarly, once you have uploaded your documents, you can select groups of users' Kindles to send them to.

What kind of payment methods can I use to purchase Kindle content for my organization?

You can pay for Kindle content with a debit/credit card or gift card, all with a single payment account. The Whispercast administrator is the only user who has access to the payment account so that they can centrally procure and distribute Kindle content to their users.

Can I use Whispercast to send eBooks and documents to other devices besides Kindle?

Yes. Whispercast can send eBooks from the Kindle Store to any device with the free Kindle reading app, including iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and phones, Blackberry, PC, and Mac. Users with the Kindle app can access the eBooks from their Amazon Cloud. Learn more about free Kindle Reading Apps

Can I distribute content to my users’ personal Kindles?

Whispercast supports content gifting. You can invite your users (e.g. students, employees, customers) via e-mail to receive content gifts. You can purchase and send both Kindle books and apps directly to your users’ Kindles. Your members will then own this content. This is also commonly known as a “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) model.

How much does it cost to send documents?

It is free to deliver documents using Whispercast. Documents are delivered over Wi-Fi. Please see the Whispercast Terms of Use for acceptable use of the document delivery service.

Do I need to have a Kindle to use Whispercast to distribute eBooks?

No. Whispercast can also deliver eBooks to any device with the free Kindle app, including any Android phone or tablet, iPad, iPhone, PC, Mac, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone 7. Learn more about free Kindle Reading Apps

How does Whispercast differ from other ways of supporting tablets or e-readers?

Whispercast offers a self-service tool where organizations can quickly and easily manage their own Kindle devices and Kindle eBooks and apps. Organizations do not have to visit a physical store to set up and configure their Kindle e-readers.

Whispercast also streamlines the process of directly pushing Kindle books and apps to users of managed Kindle devices and Kindle apps. Whispercast prevents organizations from having to hassle with purchasing, distributing, and redeeming vouchers for books and apps. Organizations with Kindle can use Whispercast to easily distribute purchased Kindle eBooks and apps to their devices.

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